Jenelle: At the beginning of the episode everything seems to be going great for Jenelle. She applies for a job at the daycare center, gets to watch Jace every Saturday and spends a lot more time with him, is getting along with her mom, is taking summer classes and even passed her first drug test. Barbara and Jenelle end up getitng into an argument over something small which makes Jenelle storm out. Her friend offers her some weed and she smokes it. Jenelle is now worried about not passing her drug test which is the next week.

Leah: Leah and her best friend Kayla ended up getting a house together and is still trying to adjust to not being with Corey and even still wants to be with him. Leah talks to her friend Kayla about how Corey didn’t try to go to appointments before their divorce but now he seems to be trying not that they have a “broken family.” Corey ends up going to the appointment with Leah, Kayla and his family. The doctor tells Corey and Leah that Ali is doing fine and she is just growing at her own pace and that there is nothing they can do besides what they’re already doing. Leah and Corey are still awkward around each other and aren’t sure how to act around each other.

Kailyn: Isaac goes to a daycare while Kailyn works and the daycare tells Kailyn Isaac isn’t a sociable baby but tells her friend that since she has no family to turn to so she is unsure of what to really do. Kailyn and Jo are still unsure of where they stand and Jo says he doesn’t want to be committed to any girl right now. Jo makes a rap video and Kailyn hears that the girl staring in his video is his new girlfriend. Kailyn gets mad when she finds out the girl is staying the night at Jo’s house while Isaac is there. Jo and Kailyn talk at her place and Jo admits to seeing her but it’s ‘nothing serious’ and that he hasn’t told her him and Kail have recently had sex together. Kailyn ends up crying and tells Jo to leave.

Chelsea: Chelsea has completed 1 out of the 5 tests required to get a GED and is pretty confident that she will be able to complete them all. Chelsea has been working longer hours at the tanning salon and gets home late to where Aubree is already sleeping. Aubree, Chelsea and Adam try to go out to a family dinner to talk but Aubree is fussy so they just get take out and go back to Chelsea’s. They decide that they aren’t officially dating yet and are going to take it slow.

What did YOU guys think of the first episode?


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"I Wish It Didn’t Have To Be Like This" - Corey and Leah finalizing their divorce. Catch the all new season of Teen Mom 2 premiering Monday,  November 12 at 10/9c.


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