Anonymous asked:
Leah obviously just wanted to emberass miranda and corey bc she was emberassed by the bacon slap & her shitty marriage this season.


Anonymous asked:
I have lost allll respect for Leah after tonight. And I wouldn't be surprised if she ruined the co-parenting relationship she has w/ Corey after opening her big mouth. Leah throwing him under the bus to make herself look good made her look worse. She's an idiot. That was completed out of line. And I dont believe it. Plus Corey is barely on the show to begin with! He's only on there when it comes to his kids so of course he's going to have a 'good' edit. She's just jealous clearly..

Leah didn’t have to say anything! When Dr. Drew asked about stuff they lied about to the producers, she could have not said anything but instead she casually brought it up, then stopped talking about it and asked Jeremy if it was okay to say..which kind of made it seem like she wanted to be able blame Jeremy afterwards for saying it.

Whether it’s true or not, Leah said that Corey and Miranda have talked about it and are obviously fine since they got married, so what was the point of bringing it up? I think she only did it because people give her hate for cheating on Corey, which they have a right to. She didn’t have to drag Corey under the bus.

But that’s just my opinion. I still love Leah! But I don’t agree with what she did.

Anonymous asked:
Maybe the creepy doll was a Halloween decoration. You've got to think about it, that episode was filmed around October.

It was a halloween decoration. It’s still creepy regardless..