Leah with her nephew

Anonymous said:
Oh my gosh the people seriously claiming Leah is on heroin, what the hell? She LOOKS like she's on heroin? That's so dumb. Like Jenelle looked decent to me throughout Teen Mom 2 and she was taking heroin and smoking weed like no ones business! Not a fan of Leah but she obviously loves her children more than anything in the world and she would never take hardcore drugs and risk messing them up. She probably has severe anxiety having 3 kids, mostly alone as J works, and one is seriously ill

People aren’t saying she is on heroin, they’re saying she looks like she is because of the meds she was taking. Which I disagree with.

Anonymous said:
She does actually look like she's on Heroin. Coming from a former addict. It makes you doze in and out like that. Thanks.

I don’t think she does. That’s my opinion. I’ve seen people on the drug before. Like I said, she does look like she’s on something but heroin isn’t what she looks like she’s on. Thanks. 

Thank you guys! For your love & Support I know I can always count on each of you! Xoxo I’m not worried about the episode tonight I want to bring awareness to those that are afraid to admit they have anxiety, but also to make sure they are on the right medication for anxiety. That was a very scary time for me … omgoodness. When I finally got to lay down through filming working etc….. I passed out and slept until I finally felt normal. Through everything with Ali girl it was very hard especially being the only one that was realistic about the situation but I done it and now I feel great!
Anonymous said:
Yeah, Leah does look like she's on Heroin, but it's the medicine. My mom has an anxiety and depression pill she can't take because it makes her react the same way.

Leah doesn’t look like she’s on heroin lol. Yeah, you can tell in her eyes that she’s on meds but she looks no where near like she’s on heroin.

I felt bad for Leah feeling that way because I know people who have taken that medicine before and have felt the same way & it’s not a great feeling.

Anonymous said:
To all the anons complaining about Leah's girls names: it's very common in the south (or people who live in the country side) that parents call their kids their first and middle names. I've been called 'Jennifer Grace' my whole life even tho Jennifer is my first name and Grace is my middle.

Thanks for clarifying for them :)