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Leah was so immature πŸ˜’ just because she has a shitty marriage doesn't mean Corey and Miranda do. I feel like she was trying to make herself feel better by trying to say that Corey still wants her which isn't even the case πŸ˜‚ but seriously she needs some growing up to do and plus I remember her trying to talk to Corey and tell him about her marriage problems and it looked like he didn't care what she was going through

True, Leah talks to Corey about her marriage problems so I don’t understand why she made such a big deal about Corey talking to her about his marriage. While I can see where Leah is coming from in a way, I think she went about it totally wrong! And it was uncalled for.

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Why wasnt gracie in the couch w leah and corey when at the end all the kids were there

She was at a cheer competition!

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Leah obviously just wanted to emberass miranda and corey bc she was emberassed by the bacon slap & her shitty marriage this season.