Anonymous said:
I think Leah feels like she needs sympathy because in the past series with Corey she came across as heartless and so she wants to seem like the victim with Jeremy. I mean her saying he controls her and doesn't want her doing things? He works every day so if Leah wants to go out, she can! When you have three kids, bills, debts and credit cards, £1200 is a LOT to spend without telling your partner, AND Jeremy pays for their bills + material items anyway! She seems so ungrateful and victimising!

I do agree that I think Leah plays the victim card and that she has a spending problem. She’s even admitted she has a spending problem as well. But, she does have 3 kids and rarely anytime for herself so I can see why she’d want to go out and do things! I don’t however think Jeremy controls her and doesn’t let her do things like she says. 

sluttubus said:
As much as I hate Leah's kids names, it bothers me when people say she's a narcissist for naming Aleah, but no one thinks anything when dads name they sons juniors

I don’t think it’s narcassistic at all. It’s cute, people do it all the time. 

Anonymous said:
It is so sad to see pics of Ali and Aleah (still can't get over their names, leah is so narcissistic) anyways it's sad because they don't look like twins anymore and soon Aleah will continue with her life while Ali is held back by her disorder :(

I really hope that Aleah realizes that Ali has this condition & will help her anyway she can.

Anonymous said:
I wish there was more of Adylynn on the show. Sometimes you forget that Leah has a third child.

I wish they showed her more too, It would be nice to see her growing up like the Ali and Aleah