Anonymous said:
I don't trust leah or her family, they support her with everything a little top much.

I agree!

Anonymous said:
do you not like leah?

I don’t like the choices Leahs made, such as cheating on both her husbands. I do however think she does mean well for her daughters & loves them very much! 

Anonymous said:
I feel like leahs family would say anything to make it look like they're in the right cos they know the truth makes the family look bad.if she did cheat, which I think she did,then I hope one night with robbie is worth two marriages and family units.

Her family will back her up no matter how much wrong she does & they don’t see a problem with anything she does.

Anonymous said:
I feel like all this with Leah is just going to give Corey's case about the girls not having a stable environment more weight in the court room.

I agree!! 

I personally think Leah did cheat, I don't think Jeremy would say she did on social media for the whole world to see if he wasn't 100% sure.



It seems Leah’s brother, Isaac, followed in her footsteps and is now becoming a teen dad. Isaac is 18 and his girlfriend of 1 year, Maddy, is 17.

Maddy is 29 weeks along and they are welcoming a baby girl named Baily Nora Jean Messer. Man, what a name.

Isaac is also currently living with Robbie Kidd, the guy Leah cheated on both of her husbands with. This Messer family just never stops with the drama for us.

Congrats to Isaac and Maddy and I wish them the best!


Victoria, Leah’s sister, did a radio interview and made some things clear (although we don’t know if we should believe her or not..) But here’s some things she said; also, enjoy my input on some of these ridiculous things as well.

  • She says there’s no reason for Leah to cheat because Jeremy shows affection, which is why she cheated on Corey (yeah, because that’s totally a valid excuse. Not.)
  • They are having their differences but she didn’t cheat and they are working things out.
  • Jeremy is in town right now and they’re apparently going to meet up and talk.
  • Jeremy regrets posting those tweets for the whole world to see but they are not getting a divorce (although another really reliable sources says he’s already moved his things out..)
  • Leah said she didn’t tell Jeremy she talked to Robbie because she didn’t think it was a big deal (right…..)
  • She says the 2 families should just mind eachothers business ( LOL coming from the girl who bashed Jeremy on FB yesterday & is doing a radio interview about him….)
  • Apparently, Victoria decided to bash Miranda as well and say that Miranda isn’t a mother so hopefully when she becomes one she won’t neglect Ali and Aleah. (..please tell me what this has to do with anything.)
  • Victoria says that Jeremy called her last night and said he loved his family he just didn’t  know what to do and handled things wrong..

Needless to say, after this interview I was annoyed and didn’t like her family even more. But that’s just my opinion. I don’t know if I believe half of the stuff Leah’s family says, but I wanted to post this so YOU guys can know all the info coming from both sides. Believe what you want and let me know your thoughts!

Anonymous said:
Wow I can't believe leah didn't learn, I'm assuming it's from lack of jeremy being there barely ever which is no excuse. I hope it's not true and they can stay together though :( I'll feel really bad if leahs divorced twice with 3 kids 2 baby dads

I’m pretty sure this isn’t just a rumor and is definitely true. I don’t see them staying together. Jeremy changing his status on FB to “Divorced” is pretty big proof that they’re over & he wants a divorce. I wouldn’t feel bad because Leah brought it on herself 100%, she has no one else to blame.