Adam was sentenced to 180 days in a local South Dakota jail due to his bad boys ways finally catching up with him. There’s been speculation of Adam’s girlfriend, Taylor, being pregnant with his child. She’s hinted to it on Twitter but has never came out and said the truth just yet. She said things such as having cravings, going to doctors appointments and quite a few other stuff that adds up to her being pregnant. After a few break ups here and there the couple is officially back on and trying to work things out even though he landed himself in jail - again.

We finally have proof that Taylor Halbur is pregnant and Adam is the father. Adam’s lawyer, Daniel Haggar, finally confirmed Taylor’s pregnancy to the judge during Adam’s hearing for one last attempt to keep Adam out of jail.

“He has a three year-old daughter.  He has child support obligations for her.  He is caught up, so I think that is to his credit, we see a lot of people who don’t take that responsibility seriously.  He has and he does.  He intends on keeping that current.  He also has another child on the way in August so he is feeling pressure on both sides and I think that it is adding up.”

Taylor is halfway through her pregnancy already since she is due in August. Adam is said to be released at the end of July so he will be out just in time for the birth of his child. (Audio was released from Teen Mom Confidential.)

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