Anonymous said:
how do you know court & scott broke up?! werent they getting married like in a MONTH?!

Courtney posted it on her, she said they were in 2 different places in their lives & needed to be happy in order for Dayton to be happy as well. 


Farrah will be performing her ‘hit’ song Blowin’ in California at 340 Nightclub. The event is called"Farrah Abraham Stripped: All Male Revue" which is a birthday party for her publicist Johnny. 

Any California fans can go to 340 on September 27th to see Farrah perform AND will get lucky enough to meet her as well. 

If she has any Cali fans out there who follow out blog and plan on going, please send us pictures and videos for our entertainment. 

Can you find out what supplement Kail takes for breastfeeding?

I don’t know what supplement she takes, sorry! Try tweeting her & maybe she’ll respond! 

One of our followers (l0stamongthestars) says, "I take fenugreek and drink Mother’s Milk tea (it’s gross btw) to help with my supply. And lactation cookies help too! :)"

Hope that helps! 

Oh really? Wasn't she a brunette then? Do you still have that picture of her in her bikini a few days after her alleged stillbirth? A lot of people defend her on IG though and believe her. That's the weird thing... She's pathetic

Nikkole was a blonde when she was “pregnant” with her 2nd child. Here’s a picture from when she claimed she was pregnant & the bikini picture just a few days after: