Anonymous asked: fav & least favorite girl from each 16 & p season? :)

Season 1:
least favorite - Ebony
favorite - Maci

Season 2:
least favorite - Aubrey
favorite - Chelsea

Season 3:
least favorite - Kianna or Danielle
favorite - Jordan or Izabella

Season 4:
least favorite - Briana or Kristina
favorite - Lindsey 

Season 5:
least favorite - Arianna
favorite - I can’t decide between Jordan, Maddy, Summer and Courtney

Anonymous asked: Megan is not with Cody(Hunter's dad) and hasn't been for awhile.. she's dating someone else.

Oh, I wasn’t aware :/ Thanks for the info!

Anonymous asked: Is Teen Mom 2s Megan (Chelsea's Friend) still with her Hunter's daddy?

Last I heard, yes!

Anonymous asked: What are Amayah and Amariahs middle names?

Amariah Dawn and Amayah Lynn