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I dont live in america I dont have mtv and im starting to getconfused. There's seasons of 16 and pregnant teen mom 1 and teen mom 2 but also theres a teen mom 3? It's all so confusing. I've seen the latest episodes of teen mom 2 and the ask mom special, haven't find a dr drew check up though. Is there anything else that has been on tv lately? Like a new season of 16 and pregnant or something? I feel like im missing a lot.

Yes there is a Teen Mom 3 with 4 girls from 16 & Pregnant season 4.

 There has also been a 16 & Pregnant season 5 that has already aired. 


So long Jessica, hello Brooke! 

Meet Brooke Beaton, a 26 year old account specialist with 2 children of her own. Though the rumor is she doesn’t have custody of either of them (this is just a rumor, we have no way of knowing if this is true or not.) 

Sources tell us that Adam and Brooke have been living together for a few weeks and started dating only a month ago! 

Brooke apparently has a bad criminal record just like Adam. In 2008 she was arrested for stealing money from her job. Her next arrest was in 2009 when she was caught writing checks to herself totaling out to be almost $4,000. Later that year she was arrested for embezzlement and grand theft. In 2010 she used a fake name while the passenger in a friends car and was charged with possession of drug paraphernalia and marijuana. Her last arrest was in 2011 when she failed to show up to court for driving without a license.

Her and Adam seem to have a lot in common! 

It seems she’s cleaned her act up since then and is an aspiring model. The pictures we’ve posted of her are some of her modeling shots.

I’m surprised we haven’t seen picture of her and Aubree all over the internet yet just like all his previous exes.

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Are you loving that this happened to leah and jeremy? I remember you always saying you doubt they'd last and it's always seemed like you hated leah

Wow. Just because I knew they wouldn’t last doesn’t mean I’m loving this. I would never wish this upon anyone. I can’t believe you would even assume that.

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Sabrina is back with her bf

I saw that last night! I’m happy for them :)